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Peter Cronin Ideas Man
91 Islington Streeet Ponsonby Auckland
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With the authorities clamping down on Spirits advertising and applying pressure to only advertise mixed drinks, Drambui came to us looking for help. With the old 'try before you buy' adage firmly in my mind I connected a trial campaign that would allow you to experience Drambui as a mixer. Nearly all promotion was done online to targeted 'trending' groups. Click-thru was high and sustained throughout the campaign.

Drambui website

The landing page saw extremely high conversions with most visitors signing up for a pocket voucher to their phone.


We also to get strong buy in from distributors - this comprehensive presenter has solid a a solid positive response. Though only of short duration the 'Drams come True' campaign achieved all targets and was at that time the most successful pocket voucher campaign run in New Zealand.