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Peter Cronin Ideas Man
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Masterspec, an online tool to enable architec, designers and engineers to produce construction specifications, was generally considered to be too complex, hard to use and a bit of a necessary evil when I first started as Communications manager. In consultation with the team I came up with a strategic positioning to firmly place Masterspec as the "Construction Orackkle", not only the source of accurate and up to date construction information, but as a thought leader in the industry.


One of my first tasks was to make Masterspec easier to adopt and use. I created an entirely new training programme based around simple, short video modules to explain the various steps in creating, editing and outputting a specification.


I also started interviewing highly regarded users of Masterspec who could explain in their own words how and why it was valuable for their practices.


Perhaps most impactful to the brand is the transformation of the Masterspec NOTES newsletter from a dry reporting of facts to including articles of real interest to practices that may be outside the strict bounds of our tool yet have the potential to impact customers' practices. I both source from international commentators and write articles myself on topics about where we are going as an industry and how to keep abreast of what is coming down the pipeline with legislation, technology and social/technological change. The result? Recent research by a third-party impartial company cites Masterspec as the number one source of trusted information for over 85% of architects in the country.