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Telecom XT Launch

Telecom XT event

When Telecom wanted to launch their ground-breaking new technology network to New Zealand, one of the most vital tasks was to excite and fully engage their own teams and reseller staff around the country. I was tasked with creating a roadshow that would travel the country presenting all the new technology and the capabilities of the new handsets that would work on the new network. The challenge was that staff had 'heard it all before' with a number of missed launch dates - there was high resistance to any promises from Telecom. So I went big - 25 metres big! The show featured live light dancers and stunning 3D animation. Instead of a boring technical presentation they got WOW! This snippet showing the transition to the light dancers was especially cool.

Digital Rain image

As part of the production we pre-filmed dancers' performances and digitised their movements into our 'Digital Rain' landscape. On the night live dancers in light suits interacted with the 'dancers' on screen. The full show explained the benefits of the network, and the key features of the new handsets. It culminated in the light dancers leading the audience out into the foyer, which had miraculously been tuned into the new-look Telecom retail environment in the few minutes that the show was on. The roadshow was a huge success, with Telecom's Head of Marketing at the time describing it as 'the first truly international-quality event we have had".